Friday, March 23, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Another week, another life in phone pictures.

Last weekend my parents had the girls over night. Tony and I drove over to Berkeley to a Vegan restaurant...

...and dinner was shockingly good. This is my "chicken" stroganoff. Yum!

New name, new look, new shop. I'm loving them all. Hope you are too. Hope you've entered my first giveaway for my new shop.

My shopping girls.

My little Sugar Plum loooooooves to go with me when I run errands.

New Facebook page. I'm slightly depressed that I can't just switch the name of my old page. Starting from scratch. Pretty please like the page. I'm giving away a prize for every 50 new "likes", up to 500.

Kinda freaking out over the gorgeous pictures Katie from Gardner Photography just sent me. Leila did some modeling for her a little while back, and I'm in love with the pictures!

Coco is a carrot thief. And a banana thief, and a whatever she can get her hands on thief.

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joen said...

You will have 500 face book friends in no time! Coco reminds me of my daughter who could grab things faster then I could blink!LOL She grew up to be a really sweetie uses those hands to give marvelous facials!

Denissa said...

So glad that Coco seems to be back 100%!! Sugar is too cute :)

Ashley Newell said...

The link to your Facebook page isn't correct in this post. That might help you get some more likes. ;)

Tara said...

LOVING the new look!!

katie did such a great job on the photos!! i die!!


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