Thursday, April 5, 2012

Glittered Vase {A Tutorial}

This craft is three of my favor things - glittery, quick and easy.

You will need:
  • a mason jar (any size)
  • mod podge
  • glitter
  • spray adhesive
  • a rubber band 
  • a paint brush (I like the spongy kind)

Step One: Put your rubber band around your mason jar, where you want the glitter to start.

Step Two: paint a light, even coat of your mod podge below the rubber band.

Step Three: (over a paper plate) sprinkle your glitter over the mod podged section of your mason jar. (Be sure to put any excess glitter back in it's case.)

Step Four: Spray your adhesive all over the glitter, being careful not to get it above the rubber band. (Not pictured, but I sprayed Windex on a cotton ball and went over the area above the rubber band to be sure no spray adhesive got on there.)

Step Five: Remove the rubber band, then put some pretty flowers in your vase and enjoy.

Simple and pretty, right? These glittered vases would make a great teacher's gift, look beautiful at a birthday party or shower - the possibilities are endless!

"Pin-able" cheat sheet:


amycornwell said...

This is awesome and I think I know what today's project will be :) Thanks so much Heather! xo

Denise said...


{cuppakim} said...

dang girl, that turned out awesome. you have some major glitter gifting! :)

Jules said...

You are the cutest. This is the cutest. Your pinterest cheat she is BRILLIANT!!!

Kristina said...

LOVE THIS!! I've been in need of a cute vase idea for my wedding. We are using old Starbucks Frap bottles. I think this will be the perfect idea!

Unknown said...

so, so cute! i think i need to make this. or a few!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

What a fun vase! I have so many mason jars that could use some sprucing up, thanks for the tutorial!

joen said...

What a great idea! I have a few clear glass vases that would make great glitter glass vases!

Tara said...

i am OBSESSED with this!!!!!


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