Monday, April 9, 2012

Sponsor Welcome + Discount - Evy's Tree

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!!

Today I have a little interview with my friend Amy, of Evy's Tree. Amy is just about as sweet as they get! I've had the pleasure of meeting her, and we're constantly emailing back and forth, and I'm excited to spend some more time with her at the Snap Conference in a couple weeks! Amy is a wonderful wife, mama and friend and runs one of my favorite businesses. (I'm a total Evy's Tree addict!!)

Keep reading for a sweet discount code at the bottom, and if anyone wants to use that discount code to get me the Chevron or Crossover Hoodie you totally can.....

Glitter and Gloss: How did you get into the handmade business??

Amy of Evy's Tree: How Evy’s Tree came into my life is completely by accident; definitely what I would consider a God thing. When I decided to stay home with Jacob, money was VERY tight. In October of 2009, I was inspired by many wonderful and creative stay at home moms who could whip up these beautiful items for their families with practically no money. I felt like I couldn’t even take my kids’ hems up if I needed to, and that made me feel very inadequate as a mom for some strange reason :) It seem
ed like everyone I knew could sew. So I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine and attempted to learn. In fact, I did a big post on my family blog regarding my feelings about being crafty right after I brought the machine home. The post is a bit of a joke now as I complained how I wasn’t creative, and yet here I am- creating for a living! You can read about that here.

Glitter and Gloss: What is YOUR favorite piece from the Spring 2012 collection?

Oh wow, that's a tough one, I really like them all...especially since they are more edgy and unique than anything we have ever done before. I think my favorite is the Chevron, I love the colors!! But I also REALLY love the White Rabbit Simple Remix- it looks like a vintag
e couture item and gives such an amazing look on. My mom says that one belongs in Neimans! ha. :)

Glitter and Gloss: Yes - I looooooove the Chevron, too! This is a hard one, but what is your favorite Evy's Tree piece you've ever created??

This is a tough one too....I wear almost all of the items we make. I really, really, love the Diana Wrap. I have it in almost every color, it really is the most amazing piece ever; makes you look like a million bucks and can be worn with heels and a pencil skirt or your PJ's. My second favorite would be the Lacey Zip Up. I LOVE that piece and wear it all the time!!

Glitter and Gloss: I wear my Diana Wrap all the time too! What do you love about your business?

Amy of Evy's Tree: The handmade business has been such a gift to has given me the confidence to step out and be creative...something I thought I was absolutely NOT. I have also met some wonderful friends and created such a great community amongst the handmade world. But most importantly, it has given me the ability to create a wonderful business of my own out of my home and enable me to have a flexible work schedule so that I can raise my kids and be home with my family. What more could I ever want? That is most definitely the main reason why I love handmade!!!

Amy is generously offering all Glitter and Gloss readers a 20% discount on all spring items, now through April 15!! Just use code GLITTERANDGLOSS at checkout!

You can find Amy here:

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Erin Stewart said...

Hi Heather!
I want to order a sweatshirt for myself and my daughter. It says the sweatshirts run small. Do you feel that way about the ones for you and the girls? Would you order one size bigger? I not as worried about Bella because she will grow into it but for me :) Thank you!


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