Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

I spent Mother's Day morning with the two who made me a mama, and it was fabulous.

 Anyone else having major allergies? Mine have been an absolute beast. Rocking the breathe right strip like nobody's business. Leila in the background photobombing like nobody's business.

A huge bike tour was in our town on Tuesday. They rode down the end of our street, so we walked a few houses down to check it out.

While we were waiting my firstborn, Ramon decided I needed some kisses.

Amgen Tour of California 2012.

Wednesday was my birthday. Leila insists we go out to breakfast on anyone's birthday.

We went out to dinner too, and I enjoyed a giant mai tai. Hi, Coco photobomber!

On Thursday I blew up my Instagram feed with sneak peeks of new bracelets coming soon to the shop. I'm trying to get them photographed and listed asap, but it's surprisingly hard to do that with two little ones!

Left to right: The Coco, The Melissa (shown here in laffy taffy) and The Julie.

I'm so glad that Thursday Farmer's Markets are back!! Thirsty Thursdays are my favorite. Livermore Valley wines are the best in the world. Sorry Napa wine lovers. Don't hate.

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Rags to Stitches Blog said...

Yay! Looks like you had a great birthday week! I seriously need some of your bling on my arm. Can't wait to see you in less than a month!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

your girls are so beautiful! Wish we lived closer...I am all about thirsty thursdays ;) xoox happy belated birthday!

Denissa said...

Dang it i need instagram like ASAP! that's it i'm ordering a phone today! ;) umm i'll take one of each plz!! SO cute!
Glad you had a great Mother's day with you sweet family :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

What a FUN week! LOVING the Coco Bracelet! You may need to bring me one in June. :) Your drinks look delish! So glad you had an awesome bday!

joen said...

Looks like you had a nice mothers day and birthday with you family. Our local farmers market opens next weekend and I can't wait!

Ee said...

Hi Heather, just discovered your shop and love it! Read over your latest blog and thought I'd offer what little advice I can; if your allergies are seasonal/pollen related you should try local honey. Honey from bees within 30 miles of your home. Eat a tablespoon everyday and no more allergies! Hope it helps! Erin

Simone Howell said...

Love that brithday necklace as well as the new bracelets. I'm VERY partial to Livermore wines as well....we got married at Wente almost 15 years ago. Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

you new bracelets are adorable!! love them... will probably need you to make me one, k?? ha! love you! xo

Alyson said...

aww great to find your blog + what fun photos. your little girls are adorable (I have a 2-year old) and adoring you in your STP necklace. :) Happy Monday.

Tara said...

you need to take me to these thirsty thursdays.


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