Friday, December 27, 2013

Three Things

1. My mom and I took my girls to see The Nutcracker last Friday night.

Leila adored every second of it. She's my ballerina, and she was completely mesmerized and in awe. Coco, on the other hand (my tap dancer) was less than impressed. Five minutes into it she LOUDLY whispered (and trust me, it was an attempted, but extremely loud whisper) "Why is this SO long?!" She also loud whispered: "Why aren't they talking to each other?", "Why is that boy wearing tights" and "My toes are sweaty" among other gems. I think next year we'll have to leave Coco home and figure out a different activity to do with her ;)

2. The adorable invitations my good friend, Jen created for Leila's art party. Christmas has come and gone (what a whirlwind!) and my mind is now occupied with thoughts of Leila's birthday part! (Please leave me some art party suggestions!)

3. This family photo, snapped on Christmas day. I'm kinda in love with it.

What are YOUR three things this week?? Please let me know, and tell me - how was your Christmas? XO!

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