Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My current MUST-have item (and it's only $12!) ....and what's in my makeup bag

So, my pouf (my makeup bag) holds all of the essentials I can't possibly be without at any given moment.

But, let's say I was on a desert island (or "Survivor") and could only pick one. That item, hands down would be my Paula's Choice lip and body treatment balm. It is so unbelievably moisturizing and fixed my cracked, dry, winter lips overnight. I also use it on my cuticles (it can be used anywhere on the body) but it stands out as the most incredible lip product I've ever used! I currently use all of Paula's Choice products for my skin and have noticed such a tremendous improvement. I can't recommend her products enough. If you want to try anything for yourself, use THIS link for $10 off of your first purchase (full disclosure, I'l get $10 off my next purchase too. This isn't a paid post, though, I just really want to share how much I love her products!)

Anyways, I want off on a tangent there. Other things I love to always have with me:

  • 2 different lipstick shades. One red, one nude. I always have Parris (or Truck 12, sometimes both) and Coco with me.
  • Lindsay lipgloss. It's a peachy, seashell nude that is gorgeous on it's own, but also beautiful when paired on top of a darker color.
  • Korres face powder. It's great for touch ups, and this one doesn't clog my pores. It's actually on sale right now!
  • Hand sanitizer. I'm not picky on what kind.
  • Nicole by OPI cuticle oil to go. Cuticle oil that's perfectly packaged to take with you, and won't make a mess.
  • Hair ties. I love the soft ones like this, you can get them anywhere, but since my girls and I seem to go through a ton of them I make mine.
  • Perfume sample. That one is the new Tory Burch fragrance.
  • Nail file. Again, I'm not picky what kind, as long as it's cute and gets the job done!
  • My pouf, which is my actual makeup bag. I am obsessed with these - perfect size!
What's in YOUR makeup bag??

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