Monday, May 12, 2014

Little changes for an overall healthier me

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I don't know if I mentioned it on my blog, but back in September I cut soda completely out of my diet. While it's delicious I didn't want to be drinking any extra calories. Along with cutting soda I've cut down on pasta (my favorite thing everrrrrr) and added lots more greens.

I have also joined a gym, and try to go as often as possible. I'm going out on long walks when I can't make it to the gym, and I'm finally seeing the scale move down, and my clothes are fitting better!

Even though I cut some of the things I love mostly out of my diet, I definitely still crave them and think it's important to allow myself to have some of my old favorites every once in a while! The other night for dinner we had some really delicious whole wheat pasta with veggies and salad, and I told Tony that I  was dying for a soda with our yummy dinner. So I had one.... What the what?! Yep, I let myself have a little treat that wouldn't kill all of my calories for the day. I had a new 10 calorie ginger ale by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. One word: YUM! You don't sacrifice any taste at all with these new sodas, as they taste every bit as delicious as their full calorie counterparts. They come in several flavors, and while my favorite is the ginger ale, Tony loves the root beer!

Right now you can download a coupon for a FREE two liter of one of the new 10 calorie sodas, from the Just For U coupon website and use it at any of the Safeway brand stores.

I printed out that coupon, got my free two liter and even picked up a few minis. Just the other day I sat down to a a nice salad with my 10-calorie ginger ale, and had a proper lunch. Working from home, I often find myself eating lunch in front of my computer screen. When I do that, I tend to eat more calories, since it's pretty much mindless eating. Taking a break, eating at the table, or outside forces me to sit and enjoy my meal (and drink!) and think about what I'm eating.

These sodas are great for baking too! I used the ten calorie 7-Up for a quick dump cake that I needed to bring to Coco's preschool. Delicious, and again every bit as flavorful as when it's made with the full calorie soda.

Yummy, bubbly deliciousness!

Make sure to check out the Dr. Pepper Snapple group on Facebook and on Twitter, and don't forget about that awesome coupon for a free 2-liter (while supplies last) What's YOUR favorite soda?

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