Wednesday, May 14, 2014

bits of glitter: life lately.

Lots of DIY projects in the works. Tony recently tore down a bamboo shaded area in the backyard and is in the process of building a pergola. It's been something we've wanted to do for years, and are finally just getting around to. I've been touching up all sorts of things in the backyard with spray paint (gotta get it summer party ready!) and am also working on a giant ruler/measuring chart.

It feels like we pretty much live at Home Depot!

The girls have been busy in school, even though the school year is winding down. Softball season is coming to an end (yay!) and both girls have their dance recitals next month. It seems right about May we all start to feel kind of "over it" in regards to all of the extra curricular activities, and this year has been no exception.

THIS BuzzFeed sums up the end of the year perfectly. I am SO guilty of #2!

We brought out the kiddie pool, and the girls are loving it! (Don't mind the mess in the background - pergola mess!)

I've been quite busy with Stella & Dot, which is making me really happy! It's great to have something that gets me out of the house, meeting new people and making good money. It's really made me feel a lot happier over the last few months!

I can't wait for our summer to start, and for more time at the pool club, concerts in the park, and general fun with my little family.

What are some of YOUR bits of glitter lately?

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