Friday, May 16, 2014

three things

Today is my 31st birthday, so I'm going to tell you three things you may not know about ME!

1. I have nine tattoos. Most of them are pretty inconspicuous, though. They are:

  • a great white shark. (I'm obsessed with sharks!) (my first tattoo)
  • a hibiscus on my left ankle. My mom has the same matching tattoo
  • a palm tree on my left shoulder
  • a crown on my neck (right below my hair line)
  • a bunch of different Hawaiian flowers in the middle of my back. I eventually want to add to this one, and the plan is to add more flowers every time I visit Hawaii (where the original was done)
  • Four plumeria flowers on the inside of my right wrist, one representing each of us
  • My girls names, in their own handwriting on the inside of my left wrist
  • a small, purple heart on my right index finger. I got it shortly after Auntie Linda passed away. Her favorite color was purple, and she loved hearts (had heart EVERYTHING!) It is (to me) my most noticeable tattoo, and it makes me think of her every time I see it, which is often :)
  • Roman numerals of the year Tony and I got married (MMV - 2005) on the inside of my left ring finger.
2. I love, love, love mustard! I will eat it by itself, and when I was younger I would often have mustard sandwiches (bread + mustard, that's it) for lunch.

3. I bet you would have never guessed it, but my favorite movie is "Shaun of the Dead." I have tons of other close seconds (16 Candles, Grease, Love, Actually) but I know the entire movie, line for line of Shaun of the Dead, and if I happen to see it on TV, I will sit and watch the whole thing (even if it starts at 11 and ends at 1am) If you haven't seen it, watch it. You might not love it, but you should ;)

Now it's YOUR turn - please tell me three things about you!! 

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