Friday, June 13, 2014

Three Things

1. Trips to the cabana club. Today is the first official day of my girls summer (I'm feeling "YAY" about it now, but talk to me again in a month....) Anyways, over the summer we do lots of trips to our local pool club, the cabana club (Leila prefers calling it that because it sounds fancier). I have fond memories of going to the pool club when I was younger, and I love making memories like that now with my little family.

2. THIS list of quotes from funny women. One of my favorites:

3. This month's Bridge Box from river & bridge. The pineapples, the super chic leopard, the prisms, the card - seriously! What's not to love?? I am such a fan of snail mail, and note cards (and all things paper related) and the Bridge Box satisfies that love of mine. Make sure you sign up for this awesome service!

Now it's YOUR turn! What are YOUR three things?! XO!

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