Friday, June 20, 2014

Three Things

1. Our new engravables! Right now these are only a soft launch, and you can only order them through me. They are sterling silver, or 12k gold plated, and absolute perfection. SO many options, and at a really great price point. Shoot me an email if you'd like more details!

2. The Fault in our Stars, the movie. My book club read it last year, and that book WRECKED me!! So beautifully written, but just heartbreaking. Well, some girlfriends and I saw the movie version of it the other night. I thought knowing everything that was about to happen would have made it easier to handle. WRONG. It was beautiful, and perfect, and heartwrenching.

3. And while we're at time sucks, THIS BuzzFeed of "Things that are so weird once you really think about it" is absolutely hilarious!! I spend way too much time on that site...

What are YOUR three things? And tell me - do you spend as much time on BuzzFeed as I do?? ;)

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