Friday, August 15, 2014

Three Things

1. Sweet, little surprises, like when my hubby brought me home an iced coffee from the grocery store a few days ago, without even being asked ;)

2. Shark Week. I actually have mixed feelings about Shark Week now. The Discovery Channel keeps showing these fake documentaries (ahem - the big opening show to this year's SW, Shark of Darkness, in addition to the big openings of last year's SW - Megalodon: The Shark Monster Lives) were complete fakes, which they tried to pass off as real. They flashed a quick disclaimer at the end of both programs, basically stating that they were fakes, but it was a blink and you miss it type thing. Many people were duped. There is some much amazing, actual footage and facts available. I wish they'd show more of that, and that they'd stop perpetuating lies, from a species that is already in danger. (Google "shark week fakes" and you'll find tons of articles)

3. Robin Williams, may he rest in peace. I'm heartbroken, especially for his family I only wish that he's at peace.

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