Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gift Guide Week: For Him

Sigh. The gift guide for men. This is always the one I have the hardest time with. I enlist my husband, our guys friends and the guys at his fire station. This is our mutual collaboration. Enjoy!

1. A really nice shaving kit from The Art of Shaving. I personally love a clean shaven man (thank GOD that "Movember" is over!) and this kit is sure to impress. All the things needed to keep your man silky smooth and smelling great!

2. Now on the flipside, I know there are tons of you who prefer facial hair, so this beard oil and balm set will be great! The Etsy shop, Beardology has all sorts of great things in different scents for you facial hair enthusiasts ;)

3. This awesome iPod/iPhone speaker dock. I love the old time look, I've heard nothing but great things about the quality of this brand. I think this is a fun gift (for anyone!) and would personally love to have it in my home!

4.. Straight from my hubby: a Milwaukee drill that plugs in. He said Milwaukee is the best brand for people that actually really use their tools, and to always go for something that plugs in, as opposed to cordless. He said anything with batteries loses it's charge quickly, and it's a huge pain in the butt when you're in the middle of a project to wait 2+ hours for the battery to charge. ;)

5. A luxe, cashmere sweater. The men in my life aren't (for the most part) super fashionable, but I think any man can appreciate a bit of luxury every now and then. A classic, cashmere sweater (or even a nice cashmere scarf) is a great way to help them dip their toes into the big,wonderful world of fashion and luxury ;)

6. Stance socks. These socks come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns, and add a bit of hidden flair to his outfits. Your man might have to wear a suit and tie to the office, but at least his socks will be fun!

7. A mophie juice pack. This thing is the bomb. I have one, and have used it at every conference I've been to in the last two years. It fuels up your phone or tablet quickly, and is pretty lightweight. It has two USB ports so you can charge two things at once, and honestly the mophie is one of my favorite things!

8. Some Beats Wireless Headphones. These are an investment, for sure, but they're a really special gift that he will love for years to come! Beats are amazing quality, and the fact that these are wireless is awesome. He can use them while at the gym, on a run, mowing the lawn, whatever! You will score major points if you give these!

9. Vintage-inspired tees. My favorite brand for these is Junkfood - they have an awesome variety! You can find their stuff at Macy's and Nordstrom, but their website has everything! My personal favorites to gift are vintage-inspired rocker and sports tees!

10. A nice Nixon watch. THIS one is my favorite! There's something about a man wearing a watch that makes him seem.....established. I don't know if that's the right word, but that's what I'm going with. My husband doesn't wear a watch regularly, but whenever he does he instantly seems more put together in my eyes. Treat yo'self and snag one that matches!

11. And when all else fails, gift cards! Of course there's the usual suspects like Nike, Game Stop and iTunes, but think outside the box with somewhere like Bed, Bath and Beyond too! Guys like nice sheets and towels just as much as we do, a BBB gift card might just be the excuse he needs to get some. I always buy my gift cards at the grocery store ;)

Last minute entry: I had to include a May Book, after my husband saw them in my Gift Guide for Her. He said "that would be really cool for projects I'm working on, and ideas for other project" so I added it in. I also may or may not have ordered him one ;) I designed this one with the lumberjack plaid print, but there are TON of options and styles available!

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