Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide Week: Stocking Stuffers

Ok, ok. I've had requests from many of you via emails and instagram comments, asking for a stocking stuffers gift guide :) I've heard you, and here you go! This is the last gift guide of the year, and I've combined men, women and children. Enjoy!

1. Personalized nail polishes by Pretty Please Polish. I adore PPP and have a small collection of her custom pretties! How fun would it be to have some custom polishes that are holiday themed? If you do Elf on a Shelf, you could have your Elf leave one behind as a present (I know my girls would flip out if Patches happened to leave one for them called "Love, Patches"!) Other fun holiday themed names - Hot Toddy Tootsies, Tipsy Elf, Rudolph Nose Best, etc. Try to order by 12/11 to ensure Christmas delivery!

2. Smart Cookies by Bitsy's Brain Food. Packaged like traditional animal crackers, these smart cookies are delicious, and filled with nutritious ingredients that kids will love! Pop a treat in their stocking that you'll feel good about them having! Online you can find them on Amazon, but in stores you can find them at Whole Foods!

3. A mini maglite. My husband is forever saying he can't find any flash lights. Here ya go. In this little kit you get the flashlight, batteries and a little case to keep them in. In my mind Maglites will always be the best flash lights you can get. My Uncle Ron got me a big, old maglite to keep in my car when I turned 16, and the thought that they're the best has stuck with me ever since ;)

4. Mini candles from Bath and Body Works. I go absolutely nuts for the candles from BBW!! They have a ton of scents, and come in all different sizes and packaging. The ones I linked to truly are stocking-sized. These candles give an amazing fragrance to your whole house, and burn clean. I love them!

5. Character bandaids. As long as I can remember I've gotten some sort of fun bandaids in my Christmas stocking (I still put them in my own stocking!) and I've carried on the tradition with my girls. They always get SO excited to discover their own set of bandaids, and they're even allowed to keep them in their rooms. Last week I found Frozen bandaids at Target for $2.50 so I grabbed two. They have tons of other character bandaids, all for under $3!

6. A nice toiletry kit. I get my husband a new toiletry kit every few years. He has one for work (he's a firefighter so he takes it back and forth every few days) In the past I've found him some really nice dark leather ones at TJ Maxx, but right now I'm really loving THIS one from Nordstrom.

7. THIS gorgeous little set of buttercream lip glosses from Bare Minerals! This is on my wishlist, and honestly, I want it NOW (that was in my best Veruca Salt voice.) They are all brand new colors, and the difference with these and the other Bare Minerals glosses is that they don't have that tingly minty feel. I personally don't mind that tingly feeling at all, but I know some people are not a fan. What I'm freaking out over in this kit is the range of gorgeous, creamy colors. It literally just came out, and for only $26 it's a total steal!

8. Magazine Subscription. I love giving and receiving magazine subscriptions. The last couple years I've gotten Tony a subscription to different magazines, and will stick the current issue of that magazine in his stocking. It's an inexpensive gift that you get all year!

9. Toms for Target. They make them for men, women, boys and girls, and they're super cute! In typical Tom's fashion fr every pair you buy they will give a pair to a child in need. They have an entire line at Target, all of it does good and all of it is adorable!

10. PENS!! I am *such* a pen junkie! I make sure my stocking is filled with all my favorites, especially THESE and THESE!  My girls always get new crayons, markers and colored pencils too.

For any filler gifts you might need to stick in there, I always find great things in the Target Dollar Spot, the front of Ulta where they have a bunch of tiny gifts (right now they're $5 for 5), and the checkout stand of the grocery store, where I always grab a pack of gum and usually one of those candy canes filled with reece's pieces for each of us.

What do you normally stuff stockings with??

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