Friday, May 22, 2015

Three Things

1. Muhammara at Trader Joe's. YUM!!!! My good friend, Ezgi is from Turkey and makes muhammara from scratch and it is amazing. I tried my hand at it once, and while it's not exactly hard to make it is a bit of a pain (especially finding pomegranate molasses!) Trader Joe's recently came out with their version and it is amazing. Not as amazing as the homemade version, but wowza, it is good! I dip carrot sticks in it, put it on sandwiches, or even eat it plain when no one is watching ;)

2. THIS silly little article on how Disney princesses might decorate their modern-day apartments. If you have a few minutes to kill check it out!

Here's what Rapunzel's bathroom might look like:

3. The Miami Brights collection from Stephanie Johnson! Super versatile, stylish bags in neon colors!! Head over to my instagram if you want to win two for yourself!

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