Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Current Beauty Obsessions - March 2016

My beauty favorites for March 2016, just in the nick of time. I bought very few new products this month - not much was grabbing my attention, but I do have some favorites that I've been using for a little while to share!
1. My S'Well bottle. You're probably like - a water bottle?! How is that a beauty product? Well it is, and it isn't. HERE is a great, little infographic on why drinking water is so darn important, and how it helps with beauty too ;) I got myself and Tony S'Well bottles for Christmas, and the fact that they keep your water cold (like super cold) for 24 hours is awesome (although I try to drink and refill it several times a day) but the fact that they're just so pretty is what really sold me! I have the one below, and Tony has the blonde wood. There are tons more that I want!! If you're local you can also find a huge selection of S'Well bottles at Prim

2. Clinique Pep-Start eye cream. This is a pretty recent purchase, and when I run out you'd better believe I will be buying another! This eye cream is jam packed with peptides and provides instant hydration, and helps to de-puff and makes my dark circles look WAY better. I only use this in the daytime (I use another at night) and it really does help me to look more awake. I'm a big fan!

3. Garnier Waterproof Micellar Cleansing Water. I am so in love with micellar waters! I used to use the Bioderma micellar water, which I could only get from a friend who went to Canada often (it's now sold on Amazon too!) but these newer versions are much easier to get, being sold in every drugstore, and (of course) Amazon, and come in at a much more budget-friendly price. These super charged waters get off every trace of makeup, without stripping the skin. I use a cotton round and pour the micellar water over it, then lightly rub all over my face at night before I do the rest of my skincare. I also swipe some over my face first thing in the morning, before putting on my sunscreen and moisturizer. Give this a try if you haven't yet!

4. Maybelline Contour Kit in medium/deep. This is probably my favorite item of this month's beauty obsessions, and I use it all the time. I have a light to light/medium skin, but I went with the medium/deep contour kit because I loved the blush color so much! They have a light/medium that would probably suit my skintone beter (especially the bronzer), but the colors are forgiving and very blendable so the darker one works too. I am not a HUGE fan of the whole contour craze, but do like giving myself a light contour and highlight sometimes. I mainly use the blush in this palette, and would buy it again for the blush alone. This kit (right around ten bucks) is a great value - just know going in that the little brush that comes with it is useless. I gave it to my girls to play with.

 Here are some swatches in different lights:

5.  And finally, my Aveda lipgloss in Pearl Rose. I worked for Aveda years ago, and still absolutely adore their products! I snapped up a new gloss a few weeks back, and find myself using it all the time alone, and on top of other colors. It's the prettiest glossy rose color, with a golden undertone and tiny golden flecks. So pretty!

Those are MY current beauty obsessions, what are yours? Let me know in the comments, I would love to check them out!

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