Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So...I got Dysport!

I'll be 34 in a couple of weeks (May 16 to be exact) and while by no stretch of the imagination do I consider that to be OLLLLLLLLLLD I am definitely not getting any younger. My forehead has always been a big insecurity of mine, from pregnancy-induced melasma, to the "surprise" lines that never go away, even when I'm not surprised, to the permanently etched 11's right in between my eye brows that made me look angry, when I wasn't. (Ah, the good old resting bitch face.) I'd been thinking about getting some sort of help with my forehead, by way of injections for the last few years, but would always talk myself out of it. "You're too young." // "It will hurt." //  "People will judge you!" Were all thoughts that ran through my head. I'd been approached by my friends at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & MedSpa before about doing Dysport, but always politely declined, thanks to the excuses running through my head. Well, when I was offered again a few weeks ago I decided to go for it!

First off - what is Dysport? You've all heard of Botox, right? Dysport is basically a different brand of botox. It's a prescription injection that smooths wrinkles and lines. It temporarily paralyzes the muscles that it's injected to, so not only does it treat those lines and wrinkles, but it's a preventative measure too. If you can't continue to make motion with those lines and wrinkles (and those nasty 11's that always make you look angry!) they can't get any deeper, and they can't get any worse.

I've been to Dr. Ronan's office before, for a HydraFacial so I was familiar with it. The office is clean, friendly and inviting, and located in beautiful Blackhawk Plaza. The entire staff is so welcoming and friendly, and it really is a place that you feel comfortable and welcome.

Please bear with the terrible picture, but here is an untouched close up right before the procedure. It's a bit blown out, so you can't see quite how bad the 11's were, but trust me - they were deep and unhappy.

When I got to Blackhawk Plastic Surgery I spoke to Dr. Ronan about the insecurities with my surprise lines and 11's. He showed me exactly where he was going to inject, and what to expect. Knowing that I didn't want to look frozen he said he'd go moderate. He also prefers to use Dysport as opposed to Botox because it gives a more natural look. I was nervous all day leading up to the procedure. I have a pretty high pain threshold but I've never had a needle in my face. The fear of the unknown was getting to me, lol.

So - did it hurt?! NOPE! Not at all. You definitely feel a slight pinch for about a half a second at each of the injection spots, but I can say with complete confidence that it does not hurt in the slightest.

So - how does it look?!  Well, here I am, just about a week and a half later. Completely untouched, and unedited. The only makeup I'm wearing is CC Cream, mascara and lipstick. The 11's that made me look constantly angry are GONE!! (Peace out, RBF!) The deep "surprise lines" just about completely diminished, though you can still see my expressions quite clearly. I feel that it's a subtle difference to anyone who isn't me, but I am so incredibly happy with the final results! In just the last week I've had so many people (friends, family and strangers!) stop and tell me that my skin looks great. I feel more confident, and haven't once been asked if I'm angry when I'm not. (Again, peace out RBF!)  It's funny - people are leaving direct messages to me on Instagram, just about every time I post a story where I'm facing the camera, saying that my skin looks great, asking what makeup I'm using, or what skincare. It's all thanks to Dysport, and Dr. Ronan!! I have to say, this experience with Dysport has been the biggest confidence booster!

Would you recommend it or do it again?! Yes and YES!!! The results look and feel very natural. I am all about aging gracefully, but I don't see injectables as a hindrance to that, just another form of self care, same as a great skincare routine, and a healthy diet. The Dysport I received should last about four months, and I hope to do it again once it's worn off.

Ok, ok, but what does it cost?! Well, it all depends on what exactly you're getting done. I often times see Groupon specials for $12 for an area of Botox, and people I'm assuming end up disappointed when they buy ten areas of Botox, but really need twenty or thirty. When it comes to something like an injectable or filler, why would you trust a Groupon? When dealing with your face I can't stress how important it is to go to a trusted professional! Dr. Ronan is a renowned doctor, and people from all over the country go to see him, He'll take the time to discuss your goals, so you can get exactly what you need, no more and no less, and pay for just that. One of the many things I love about Dr. Ronan's office, is they offer beauty memberships so you can pay a flat monthly fee, as opposed to one big chunk all at once. Memberships start at just $50 a month, and go up from there. You can lump your injectables, facials, medical-grade skin care products and more and that one fee, and have incredible skin that you feel confident in all the time.

You can't beat that! If you have any questions about the Dysport, or Blackhawk Plastic Surgery at all, please let me know and I am happy to answer them for you!

Thank you, Dr. Ronan!

I would love to know - what are YOUR thoughts on injectables? What about bigger things like plastic surgery? Let's get a conversation going here! I'll go first - obviously I am all for them. Once I lose a bit more weight, and save a bit more I would really love to do a breast reduction. I am also intrigued by CoolSculpting! What are YOUR thoughts??

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