Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Movie Reviews

Those of you who know me know that I love me some Johnny Depp. I don't care what kind of a movie it is, I will see it if he's in it. Well, one of my favorite movie genres is musicals, and I don't mind a good horror movie either. Add Johnny + singing + blood= I'm there! Tony and I saw "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" on Wednesday night, and it did not disappoint one bit! I read that Johnny didn't take a single voice lesson to prepare for the role, so I was interested to hear what he sounded like. He was surprisingly good. Helena Bonham Carter's voice was ok, but didn't impress. For me, Ed Sanders, the little boy who plays Toby stole the show! He was brilliant and had an excellent voice, and was quite a cutie!

If you can't handle blood this isn't the movie for you. I liked the fact that the blood was ketchup-red, not made it easier to remember that it was just a movie, but there was still a lot of it! Once this movie comes out on DVD I'm sure I'll buy it (if for no other reason than to add to my Johnny collection) and although it's not a feel-good movie that I'll pop in time and time again, it's definitely worth watching on a stormy day, like today. Go check out "Sweeney Todd" and tell me what you think!

On Friday we saw "I Am Legend" In order to see "Sweeney Todd" I had to promise Tony that we'd see "Legend." While I didn't hate it, it was so not my type of movie. Yes, I can handle a good horror flick but this movie was a bit too much for me to handle in the theatre. I probably would have liked it better in the comfort of my own home...with the lights on. The "scary" parts were loud and in your face and didn't give you much of a break. I spent most of the movie with my face buried on Tony's chest. Will Smith did a great job as always. The dog in the movie was my favorite. After seeing "I Am Legend" I couldn't wait to give my Ramon some love! This is a decent movie - probably one your husband will enjoy more than you, but if you can swing it try to save it for when it comes out on DVD.

Can you believe that Tony and I saw 2 movies in one week?? We are so lucky that my parent's live close by, and are pretty much always willing to watch Leila! The next movie I want to see is "27 Dresses" but I can assure you that I will be seeing it with my mom - I think Tony might die of boredome if he saw it.


Anonymous said...

we saw legend over the holidays and i must admit; i wasnt a fan. will smith was amazing (as always) but the movie was a but much for me. matt loved it (he was the one who convinced me to see it). and i agree, 'sam' was my favorite. i cried when she died!! she was soooo adorable! and yes, 27 dresses is next on my list too! i think it comes out the 11th!! yayyyy!

Erica said...

You go, girl! I'm very impressed with you seeing 2 movies in one week! :) Thanks for the reviews! :)

Anonymous said...

Why did tara have to give away that Sam died??????


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