Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 Minute Photo Challenge

I got a new camera (hooray!) and it's a Canon PowerShot, just like the old one. I will do everything in my power to make sure some butthead doesn't steal this one. I think at this point my camera is my favorite posession - it was hard to be without one!

Anyways, as soon as I got the battery charged up I did the "5 Minute Photo Challenge", as posted by my friend, April. Basically you take a bunch of pictures of you, your child, etc. for five minutes. I obviously used Leila, and here's how 5 minutes (actually, about 2 or 3) went:

WARNING: tons of pictures comin' at ya!

Hmm....I think I'll take a ride on my princess~mobile

Ok, time for something new...

Toys are fun, but so is hiding...

(At this point I had to pick her up, because she got stuck. She decided to move onto her chair...)

What fun is a chair without some toys?

No more pictures, mom!

Thanks for the fun idea, April!

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Anonymous said...

she is getting to be such a big girl! it's amazing how time flies! i still remember the first day i saw your ultra sound photo on myspace and found out you were pregnant! they grow up too fast!


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