Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Celebrities

So, it has been mentioned to me that I haven't done any Thursday Thirteens lately....sorry! I didn't realize I had fans ; ) Anyways, here ya go....
Celebrities who bug me:

1. Tom Cruise

2. Raven Symone (does she even count?)

3. Jessica Simpson

4. Jessica Alba

5. Paris Hilton (again - does she count?)

6. Julia Roberts (I know the majority will disagree, but I've never liked her)

Celebrities I love:

7. Kelly Ripa

8. Reese Witherspoon

9. The Rock (the eyebrow, the face, the muscles, the tattoos...yum!)

10. Johnny Depp

11. Ken Griffey Jr.

12. Anne Hathaway

13. Matthew McConaughey

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?


Anonymous said...

omg raven and jessica bug the CRAP out of me too! and tom cruise is just CRAZY (although is most recent interview with oprah was weirdly normal).

i ADORE kelly ripa and reese witherspoon!!

i am trying to decide whether or not i like anne hathaway or not. sometimes she bugs me, sometimes not. matt thinks she looks like a duck. lol. but she was really good in get smart! we saw it this weekend! she was very cute!!

oh and matt says he likes you even better now cuz you like the rock. the rock is like his favorite person on the planet!!

Erica said...

I agree with almost all of your celebs that bug, esp Tom and Paris. Do the Hills chicks count?! Or the Olsen twins? Those would on my far as faves--I *love* Johnny & Matthew. :)

Autumn said...

Raven does NOT count. She is just annoying. She should have stopped after the Cosby show when she was cute!!

Kelly, She's crazy that's why I LOVE HER!!!!

Reese she's just perfect!!!

Matthew...Yummy!!!!! What about Ryan Reynolds??? He is top on my list!!!!

Never was a fan of Johnny till i saw him on the MTV movie awards this year. OMG hot!!!!


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