Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Mommy's Decorate Easter Eggs

How do I decorate eggs? With Martha Stewart glitter, of course! I had some random craft eggs in my egg tower on the table and while they were cute they weren't doing anything for me. Leila was asleep and I was caught up on orders, when I remembered I had some MS glitter in my craft stuff. I only made eight eggs -- dayum, it was messy! I might make more in some other colors but that will be on a different day.

The eggs started out like this: And ended up like this:

Now my Easter egg tower is much prettier!


Erica said...

I *love* it! I had gotten her glitter eggs as a craft tip of the day but the thought of having glitter everywhere made me just send it to trash. Does the glitter say on the eggs or does it just get on everything like usual? Oh, and did you get that egg stand from the red dot boutique by chance? ;)

Tara said...

looooove it!


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