Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm officially my 8-year-old self

I'm not much of a contest enter-er, but every once in a while a contest comes along that gets me so excited and worked up to where I feel like I *have* to enter, or I'd be doing myself a disservice. Jordan Knight (omg, my faaaaaavorite!!) is sponsoring a contest where the winner and a guest get to fly to NYC to meet them and see them perform live on "The Today Show" I can't imagine the pure excitement if I actually won...truly, how crazy would that be?

So, I know a bazillion crazy girls, like myself will enter and my email will most likely get lost in the shuffle, but what does it hurt to try? Besides, I just won this contest so maybe I'm on a lucky streak.

Auta, if I win you'd better be ready to go next week, ok?

{Edited to add: THIS is why I should win!}


Rachel said...

I hope you win!!!!

Tara said...

im all about entering contests. fingers crossed for you!!!

Autumn said...

My bags are packed!!!!!!!! Oh I hope you win. I just won the clothing from Lucky so maybe you and I are having a lucky streak!!!!!


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