Monday, June 22, 2009

I Heart Etsy

I Heart Etsy: a new feature I'll be doing (hopefully) weekly, highlighting some very cool Etsy products. The idea was inspired by The TomKat Studio, and I hope you'll enjoy it. The very first Etsy shop I'm going to feature is Joy's Hope. I found the Joy's Hope blog somehow through the crazy blogosphere, and am so glad I did. Joy's story is inspiring, will make you cry, and will make you want to hug your little one(s). Julie, the creator of all things Joy's Hope is amazing - a great writer, a wonderful artist and extremely sweet. Her etsy shop features mine (and Leila's) new favorite things: Pretty. Messy. Flowers.

She has a ton of different styles to choose from, and is adding new ones all the time! She just added three super cute ones for Fourth of July - how cute is "Betsy" - love, love! Anyways, please go check out the Joy's Hope shop and blog - you'll be happy you did (and the blog is always hosting lots of amazing giveaways!) Pick up a messy flower or two, and have a fun hair day!


Tara said...

that is SO SAD. what happened to her was one of my biggest fears while i was pregnant. im so happy shes been blessed with two more little girls. wow, what a story. makes you that much more grateful for a healthy baby!

SAM said...

I love this idea, and look forward to more of your Etsy recos. Thank you for sharing Joy's story. I kept reading, hoping for some sort of happy ending, and I'm glad there was one.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

She was actually blessed with three more little girls!

the thorntons said...

I can't wait to see these, I should start doing them too. You have started something!


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