Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the little things... filling out stacks of papers for preschool that make me happy.

Leila starts in just a few weeks. I'm some sort of crazy combination of excited and terrified. This will be the first time Leila's ever been left with anyone besides family. I know it will be great for her - and me. She said she's excited "to meet new friends and sing songs."

When did my tiny, little baby become such a big girl? I find myself asking this all the time.

Happy Friday.


Lo said...

Congrats on starting preschool Leila!!!

Tara said...

im all about the little things. congrats to miss leila! how exciting for her (and you!).

SAM said...

Oh, school is so great. Leila will love it. You will love it. Win win for everyone! And you'll really look forward to "back to school" next year!


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