Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reason #7,935 I love her

We were in the car, listening to a New Kids on the Block mix (hey - the hubby is working, so I can do that!) when Leila said "These are the kids you like?" I said "Yep, New Kids on the Block." Her reply: "You like Jordan because he's cute. Me too."

*Heart melter*

I love that she listens to the random little things I say, and remembers them. Plus, it turns out she's a Jordan girl. What an angel face!


Autumn said...

She is definitely our blood!!! Love her!!!

Gina said...

A girl after my own heart. I'm a Jordan girl too. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh Heather!!! Finally another NKOTB ** and Jordan lover!!!** I swear growing up, that Jordan and I would get married because we have the same bday!! Ha! Then I got to meet him years ago when he had his first single out.....super nice guy, but thought I was a little crazy b/c I was modeling.... as a giesha!!! haha! Of course, I was meeting him and I had to look scary! Only me! lol


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