Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Apple Hill 2009

{WARNING: tooooooons of pictures ahead!}
We've decided to make it our own little tradition to go to Apple Hill every year to cut down a Christmas tree, and enjoy the sweet town and all of it's appley-goodness!  This year we started at a fun German place for lunch and some hot, spiced cider and then headed over to Boa Vista where we sampled way too many types of apples!

I seriously think Leila would have stayed there all day eating apples if we let her!

We shared a yummy, yummy piece of pie and I of course had {my favorite} apple cider!

Then we headed to High Hill Ranch.  We fed the ducks, shopped at the kitschy shops {I had more cider} and Leila had the longest pony ride ever!

Oh, how I wish we were bagillionaires who could buy her a pony.  It's crazy how happy those guys make her!

After High Hill Ranch we headed to the Fudge Factory for a candy stop {and more cider}

Then it was FINALLY time to find a tree!

It's hard to Christmas tree hunt with me.  I like the Charlie Brown trees.  Especially the ones that are really pathetic that I think no one else will want.  Tony likes really full trees.  We met somewhere kind of in the middle (more Charlie Brownish, though!)

And here is what happens when you tell a 2.5 year old who hasn't had a nap that we can't get a 40-foot tree:

{she pulled her hat over her eyes as soon as she saw me whip out the camera!}

As soon as Tony tied the tree to the roof we hit the road.  Look who passed out IMMEDIATELY!

We had tons of fun in Apple Hill!  We got home early enough to decorate the tree which made the day even more special.

Lesson learned, though: don't get hot cider everywhere you go when you're 27 weeks pregnant.  Mountain toilets aren't the nicest of facilities.  ; )


mel @ the larson lingo said...

looks like such a fun day!! I am dying to go to apple hill! I grew up cutting down our xmas tree in the santa cruz mountains. such a fun tradition!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

Love these pics! And what a great tradition to do every year.
Leila is so pretty and I want to steal her hat..... for myself! Where did you get it? Mia would love it.... and Sophie :) Also, what colors will baby G's room be?

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

so much fun! we didn't make it up this year. but i'm with you on the charlie brown trees. this year i let him have his way and pick it out and he's already complaining about it being too dry. HA! should've listened! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!

Tara said...

GREAT pics! lol @ the bathroom comment!


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