Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hammond Bay Collection part 3

If you have a little girl, then I'm guessing you've heard of Matilda Jane.  Cutest. Clothing. Ever.  Like seriously, seriously yummy clothes!  Today they launch part three of the Hammond Bay collection, and every single piece is a must-have.  (Ok, water is a must-have.  Matilda Jane clothes are seriously, seriously wants!)  I love this:

Now through 4/22 use the code "Matilda" for 20% off at so I can buy Leila a new outfit or two ; )


Jill said...

oooooh!!! Matilda Jane is my VERY FAVORITE!!! (I even wear it!)
and I'm SOOOOO late on sweet Gianna's gift!- good grief!- I promise I'm shipping by Monday!!!- this moving stuff has me waaaay behind in everything!:)

Jules said...

Dear Matilda Jane,
My bank account hates your guts.

I wants it all.
ALL of it.
Lets rob a MJ delivery truck.
Or the factory.

SAM said...

I love Matilda Jane! I wish they had more adult stuff - haven't seen anything I like yet. But all their girl clothes are adorable!

Denissa said...

How cute! I've never seen that brand before, could be b/c I have 3 boys...just sayin ;)


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