Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few questions - please answer.

1.)  The "cupcake connoisseur" necklace is a huge seller.  Currently I only offer a vanilla (white) and strawberry (pink) cupcake.  Should I offer chocolate?  (Brown)

2.)  I am thinking about starting an item of the week, where one item will be on sale every week.  Yay or nay.  Which should be the first item of the week?  Something you can personalize or no?

3.)  Would you like to win something??  If you haven't already, become a public follower of this blog and as soon as we reach 200 I'll do a giveaway!


JuliaVP said...

Yes on the brown.

The item of the week should be either.

YES! I want to win something! (I am a public follower.)

Teri said...

Yes, I think you should add chocolate and I love the idea of item of the week. Such a fun idea. xoxoxo... Mom

Erin Burns said...

Yes! love the chocolate cupcake.

Yes! Item of the week sounds like a great idea. (I was thinking of doing the same ;-)

OF COURSE! I'd love to win something =)


Gina said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

Tara said...

#1- yes.

#2- yes. and yes to the personalization. i looove me some personalization and i know lots of other ladies out there prob do too. :)

#3- would loooove to win, duhhh. ;)

Denissa said...

I love the chocolate! They are all cute :)


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