Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't judge me. {But you probably will}

I have a secret.  And now I'm going to share it with all of you...

I have Bieber fever.  There, I said it.  Apparently I've been living under a rock since he hit it big, though.  Don't get me wrong - I'd heard of him (how could you not?)  I've even seen him on Chelsea Lately.  And even though I knew he was a singer I didn't know what he sang.......

So, I've been *obsessed* with this mashup for a while - Tony has it on all the time, and sings it like a lullaby to Gianna:

I love the Neon Trees, and I knew that this was a mashup of two songs, and never put much thought into it.

Then on Saturday at my cousin's big Sweet 16 party (Happy Birthday, Jasmine!) I heard this:

My song???!  By that kid on Chelsea Lately?!  No joke - I was in love. LOVE.  I couldn't help myself from belting it out and dancing around.  My sister-in-law (who teaches a bunch of Bieber-obsessed nine year olds) confirmed that Yeah, duh - this is Justin Bieber and when we got home a few hours later I ran to the computer to download the entire cd.  I've been listening to it ever since.

So, that is my big secret.  Don't judge me.  Or do.  But admit - it's a catchy song.

Any other awesome songs I should know about??


Jenni said...

oh yes, i have beiber fever too! love him!

one of my students carries around a doll of his and it freaks some of the boys out! i love it and sit boys next to her that get annoyed easily, just to be mean, or to get a good laugh! either way, he is a little cutie!

Notes For Nadia said...

EEK I share your Beiber Fever too! When my neices needed a chaperone for his concert I volunteered before I was even asked! The music is contagious and great for workouts. =)

Tara said...

its ok, im right there w/u.

did u see him at the golden globes? gosh hes such a scrumpcious kid!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

um, I just fainted that you are just know discovering JB?!
Mia was so obsessed last summer that I downloaded the whole cd for her! It quickly became one of my faves for a few weeks. But he is so last year. ha! Mia doesn't like him because he got into a fight (or so we heard on the news) so we've moved on to the new Black Eyed Peas cd. It's Fantastic! Do you have it? If not I will be burning it for you!

Kelly Marie said...

I'm hearing him for the first time here on your page. My HUSBAND (yes the metal head) has beiber fever though.

JoAnn V. (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

I've got Beiber fever too. :)


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