Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AFD Gift Guide: For girls!

1. The Rhiannon Dress by Rock-a-Bow. This dress is handmade by a busy mama, absolutely beautiful and so unique. Bonus - you can save 20% by using the code AFDgifts11.

2. La La Loopsy Silly Hair Doll. When Leila first asked for a La La Loopsy I thought it was something she'd made up. Then I started seeing commercials for them everywhere, and I must admit - they're kind of cute. Your little girl will have tons of fun changing the length and style of her new doll's hot pink hair.

3. Melissa and Doug shopping cart. My girls love "grocery shopping" at home, and this shopping cart would be perfect for them! Big enough to fill with whatever their hearts desire, and sturdy enough to be played rough with.

4. Birdie's Big Girl Shoes. This sweet book is about a girl who thinks she wants to grow up faster than she really does. It's filled with fabulous illustrations and is one you will love to read over and over again with your daughter!

5. Faux-fur moccasin boots. Any little girl would be happy to add these to her shoe collection! Embellished with faux fur and embroidered hearts these look like they're as comfortable as they are stylish.

6. Harajuku Mini for Target leopard print dress.  The Harajuku Mini line is adorable. This dress is a soft gray leopard print with layers of tulle underneath, and a great twirl factor!

7. Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box. Perfect for any little girl with a growing jewelry collection! Lots of storage and organization space, and a sweet little ballerina who twirls along to "Waltz of Flowers"

8. "Tangled" on dvd/blue-ray.  This movie has been out for a while, and if your little girl doesn't own it yet, she should. A fabulous movie the whole family will enjoy.

9. American Girl Doll. You can't go wrong, no matter which you choose - a historical doll, or a create your own. I had Samantha growing up, and will be passing her onto Leila soon. These dolls will be played with for hours, and hours - lots of memories will be made, playing with an American Girl doll.

10. Tall Sparkle Boots. They may not be sequin Uggs, but they have the same sparkle, and a much more reasonable price tag. Perfect for your budding fashionista.


Unknown said...

LOVE this! all of it!

Tara said...

hahha we totally have that shopping cart! brady is obsessed!

Jill said...

we have "birdie's big girl shoes" and LOVE! LOVE! LOVE it! it's one of our favorites!!- and the "sparkle boots" are on little one's list! (and you know her mam-ma LOVES sparkle!)

joen said...

Miss those daughters loved there American Girl Dolls my younger dgtr especially loved bitty baby (I loved her cute little shoes!) However at 18 and 22 they would still love the glitter boots and maybe the leopard print dress!LOL


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