Friday, January 20, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

She's STILL sick. It's been over three weeks. We're currently waiting on results from a full lab work up. Please keep her in your prayers.

 A peek in my purse.

Tony 's been wanting a new TV for years. He won his work's fantasy football league, and his winnings paid for a nice chunk of his big new TV!

Another doctor's appointment for the peanut.

Child labor at it's finest.

Mint green + gold = my current color combination obsession.

This has been my breakfast/lunch just about everyday since Coco's been sick (over three weeks now.) Not exactly helping with my resolutions....

On Wednesday I got a fresh coat of blonde. It was nice to get out of the house for a while and get pampered!

Something that's been rare - a smile from Coco! Hoping she's on her way to being done with this terrible stomach bug.

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Emily said...

I hope your sweet little Coco feels better soon. Prayers coming your way.

joen said...

Hope Coco is on her way to getting well. The nails as usual fabulous!

Denissa said...

Poor baby girl!! You know I've been praying for you guys..keep drinking that Starbucks if that's what gets you through the day :)

Tara said...

i want all your little bags in your purse!! so flipping cute!!


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