Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What she wore

This girl has a future in fashion. Mark my words. I don't know how, or when but she will someday work in the fashion industry. She likes to layout a bunch of different outfits every night, while picking one out for the next day. She likes to mix and match different prints and colors, and she loves to accessorize. Her current favorite piece of clothing is the jacket she's wearing, and her favorite thing in the world to do is design new outfits using her Melissa and Doug fashion plates (thanks, Mel!) or draw in her Wonderful World of Fashion book.

On Sunday mornings we walk downtown. We hit our favorite local coffee shop first, then stroll through the Sunday farmer's market, and then we window shop, and end up at a big grassy area where we let the girls run around. Sometimes we have brunch. It's our thing.  Last Sunday morning Leila asked what she should wear.  I told her something casual. This is her version of casual....

Headband: Forever 21
Shirt: Matilda Jane
Pants & Jacket: Target (mini Harajuku lovers)
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Love that fashion girl of mine.


joen said...

Casual Chic!! Get her a sewing machine and some lessons - project runway here she comes!

Meghan said...

She is so cute! I totally see her having her own line of clothes one day! Let me know when she needs a test subject for those designs, I have nieces and nephews galore ;)

xoxo Meghan

Amy said...

I don't doubt it for a second! Fashion industry fo sho! ;-)

Amy said...

I don't doubt that for a second! Fashion industry fo sho! ;-)


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