Friday, May 25, 2012

What's In Your Bag - a link up!

Happy Friday, and welcome to the first "What's In Your Bag" link up!  I don't know about you but I'm super nosy curious and love to peek inside people's lives. (I may have been known to check in someone's medicine cabinet a time or two....)

Anyways, below are some pictures of what's inside my bag!

The bag itself - Marc Jacobs Venetia bag in turquoise (no longer available)  It was one of my biggest purchases during my time at Nordstrom. No kids + no mortgage = expensive bag. Ha!! This poor bag has been so used and abused that it won't even sit up straight anymore. Oh well, I still love it!

The randomness that my bag has to lug around everyday:

Wanna take a closer look?

My makeup bag carries so much stuff that I usually don't use. Tons of lip glosses, cuticle oil, band-aids, powder, the nail polishes I used for my last pedicure - Candy Shop by Deborah Lippmann and Teddy Girl by Butter London (c/o)   There is truly a ridiculous amount of stuff in my makeup bag, but that's a whole other post....

My coupon bag is actually the medium zip pouch by Gussy Sews (c/o) and I love it so much!! If I'm just running a quick errand I'll throw my license, debit card and keys in it and use it as a little clutch so I don't have to use my big, old purse! Psst! Want a discount for Gussy's entire shop?? Use code WIMB10 for 10% off, good through July 31.

Other essentials:

  • My wallet. Hubby surprised me with it for Christmas!!

  • (More) bandaids. We go through bandaids like water. There's always an invisible boo-boo in need of one.

  • My phone. It's pretty much my life line. I'm loving my new, neon summer case!

Business cards and their cute holder, made by my sweet friend, Nicole of Olive Blue!

Three pairs of sunglasses. The biggest ones are actually Leila's. All three of us girls have super sensitive eyes and are wearing sunglasses anytime we're outdoors.

All of it!

Ok, you got to peek into my bag, now I want to peek inside yours!! Go ahead and link up!! Linky will stay open until next Thursday evening!



Kelly said...

Just have to say that I love:
the bag
gussy sews
and your cards

AWESOME! Unfortunately, I need a diaper bag... otherwise I would totally snag a bag like yours!

-- Kelly (The NO Drama Mama)

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

First off, LOVE the bag! Fabulous! It's funny, I have so many pre-husband and pre-mortgage bags too! Thanks for hosting this!!

Julie Marie said...

can i just have YOUR BAG??? =) so cute... where'd you get your purse. i love it..royal daughter designs just retweeted ur link. and i stopped by!! do you have a daughter named LEILA???!!! Because I do!! (she just got done yelling at me about zipping up her flower girl dress she has to wear on this random friday!) haha,. so nice to meet u!!

Julie Marie said...

ok, i love when i say "so nice to meet you" click on follow with GFC and realized i already followed you =) i feel dumb.. but still! so nice to be here again!! =) the blog world gets me sooo confused!

Brittany T. said...

Oh this is perfect! i am so GLAD you did this link because i have no idea how to start a link and this was my post anyway for today! :)

I saw the link for this post from gussy sews on fb :) yay!

Kristen said...

love your bag!

our coupon pouches have similar content :0)

Blanca said...

Thank you for your kind words & for visiting my little blog. The tin with paper & crayons has gotten me through some long waits at the doctor and at restaurants.

I love all the link parties you put together. They are always fun and satisfy my nosy tendencies.

Thanks, Heather.


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

love your bag & the cute Gussy pouches! I didn't get a chance to link up this week, but I always enjoy "what's in my bag" posts. :)

Amber said...

i LOVE your bag!! that color is a-mazing!!
and your cards are so cute!! love the golden glitter effect!!
thanks for doing this "party"!

Tara said...

you have such cute things!!!!


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