Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Things

1. Espresso Rosetta. It's a new coffee shop in town, and it's become my very favorite. They make the most perfect, delicious coffee, and the shop itself is SUPER cute! If you're local do yourself a favor, and try it!

2. This list I found by Coco. She told me it's her summer "to do list" In case you can't read it, it says - Zumba, Water Zumba and Yoga. I LOVE that my fitness journey has made fitness and activities like this more enjoyable to my girls, and something they want to do too! I'm especially excited that our gym just published a list of kids activities they're offering over the summer and all three of those are on the summer schedule!

3. My new water bottle. I had been wanting one with a straw for a while and bought one at TJ Maxx. It worked, but was kind of boring for my taste, so I made a vinyl sticker with my Silhouette. Problem solved!

What are YOUR three things?? Let me know!

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