Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Things

1. In case you missed it on instagram - I met Gavin Degraw. I repeat, I MET GAVIN DEGRAW. He is one of my favorite artists - I even wrote a post about how one if his songs instantly takes me back. I big pink puffy heart him. My friend and I saw him in concert on Monday night and got dinner before the show. Gavin popped his head into the room we were eating in, and my jaw dropped. He left and my jaw was still on the floor, but he came right back and started chatting with us. He was so gracious and sweet, and it was an awesome experience. I'm still reeling. Just wish I would have made a normal face when we took that picture! 

2. This article by Stacy London. Really interesting perspective on gender roles in aging.

3. This hilarious account of some guy's first week at Target. Read it for a good laugh!

What are YOUR three things this week??

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