Friday, September 9, 2016

Three Things

1. House Kombucha. Kombucha itself is a pretty new thing for me. Not gonna lie - I hated it at first sip. Second sip was ok. Third I like. By the fourth I was hooked. I've tried all sorts of brands and flavors, but out of all the brands I've tried House Kombucha is my favorite. The only flavors I've gotten a chance to try are Lavender Lemonade (YUM!!!!! My favorite flavor of any 'booch I've ever had!), Citrus Hibiscus and Rose Black, and they are all incredible. I'm dying to try all of their other flavors (um, how incredible does Jasmine Grape sound?!) and their cold brew too. They are a local Bay Area company, which I love. Have you tried House Kombucha yet??

This is currently the top shelf of my fridge:

And this is a text I sent my mom. I got her hooked too!

2. Kombucha in general. It's such a weird, oddly delicious drink, and there are some serious health benefits!

3. This song is my jam lately. And the guy is a cutie ;)

What are YOUR three things this week??? Let me know! And are you a kombucha fan, or are you like my hubby and can't stand it?

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