Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Current Beauty Obsessions

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This edition of Current Beauty Obsessions is a bit of a hodge podge, but some great things I've been digging lately!

I love a good body scrub, and this Rose Cardamom one by Bambu Earth is fantastic! I like it because it's not an overly oily body scrub, just an awesome, easy to use and great smelling exfoliator!

I have mentioned my love of ColorScience brush-on sunscreen, and now they have this incredible bronzing primer with SPF 20. YOU GUYS!! It is SO good! It comes out as this lightweight, bronze mousse and smooths beautifully on skin. It doesn't give coverage, but it definitely evens out your skintone. It works great as a super quick way to give yourself a little bronze boost, but it is also a fantastic makeup primer. I tested it out under Bare Minerals foundation, which completely wears off on me without a good primer, and it helped my makeup stay all day, and I loved the hint of color, and sun protection that it gave me!

Buxom lip gloss in Peach Daiquiri is a new favorite! I used to not be a fan of the Buxom brand glosses - the tingle was something I didn't care for. But now? I love it! It's this funny, tingling sensation that I've grown to enjoy and I notice it slightly plumps my lips too. This peach daiquiri shade is the perfect hint of color on it's own, but also looks great over so many different lipsticks. It is super shiny, which I love too!

The Shampure Dry Shampoo by Aveda is! I worked for Aveda years ago (and got the best discount ever. Ugh, I miss that discount!) but the products are so great that I've never stopped using them. They came out with a dry shampoo not too long ago, and it is awesome! You hold the bottle near your roots and squeeze, and a little poof of powder comes out. Gently massage it into your greasy roots, and voila! Clean and fresh. It is seriously great!

The limited edition Go Naked perfume by Urban Decay is so good! The main scent notes are Italian Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Lavender, but I think it is best described as "Vacation in a bottle." Truly, the first time I opened it up and smelled it I was instantly transported to sipping mai tai's at Duke's.  The scent is all the best parts of a tropical vacation, and needs to be smelled to be truly appreciated. I love that it's in a rollerball that I can easily pop in my purse, and carry around. You'd better believe I will be rocking this scent all summer!
The entire California Dreaming collection by OPI is incredibly gorgeous, but "Time For A Napa" is just the most perfect bright coral creme I've ever seen. As I'm typing I've had it on for six days, and there isn't a single chip. My obsession with the Infinite Shine line is real!

The Aquis Luxe waffle knit hair turban. Kind of a random beauty favorite, but let me tell you why it made the cut: It legitimately dries my hair in half the time!! I am a big fan of air-drying my hair, and this towel absorbs SO much of the moisture. It is crazy. I was sent this as a press sample, and didn't get my hopes up. I've used hair turbans similar to this for years, and they've never absorbed moisture. This one is insane. I don't know if it's the waffle knit, or the type of cotton they use, or what, but I don't need to know why it works. All I know is that it does!

No beauty fails this time - maybe I didn't try that many new things, lol! What are your current beauty obsessions?! What about beauty fails?!

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