Friday, June 16, 2017

Three Things

1. The summer teas at Teavana. YUM!! I received the piña colada and peach bellini teas for my birthday, and have since gone back to buy more of each, as well as the strawberry daiquiri one. You guys - if you have a Teavana store nearby you MUST go over, and try some samples. They are beyond delicious!! The samples they make at the store have more sugar than I add when I make them at home, but you'll at least get the taste idea. Even my kids who don't like tea love the strawberry and peach ones, and they are low in sugar + caffeine free, so I don't mind them having it. Refreshing and perfect for summer!!

2. Swim lessons. Swimming is a struggle for Coco. We are going to remedy that this summer. Fingers and toes crossed!

3. Slow hands - this is my current favorite song.

What are YOUR three things this week??

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