Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The sweetest gift...

This year Tony (and Leila) spoiled me on Christmas.  Tony and I have never been big gift givers - we've always rather save the money, or spend it on Leila (and before her, on others.) but this year they spoiled me way too much.  I got a handful of fun things that I've been wanting, but my sweetest and most favorite gift was Tony sprucing up my jewelry area.

One day about a month back, after being out there for about four hours straight Tony came out with some water and started rubbing my shoulders and I (crankily) said "it's so ugly and boring out here!" and left it at that.  Nothing else was said. 

Well, after I closed my etsy shop Tony asked if I had any pending orders, and when I said no he told me he needed me to stay out of the garage for a few days.

When I was allowed back in, here's what I found.  {Here is before}


{p.s. - that gorgeous print is by Hope Ink}

Not only did he paint, clean, and add new shelving - he went to a craft store to get glittery letters and flowers!

He made a shelf just for my glitter collection*

bought me "those jars you love so much" to put whatever my heart desires in:

hung my had-to-have-it $2 clearance birdcage:

organized my tools:

and got me a cork board and dry erase board for ideas!

I know I've bragged about him before, but this sweet, heart-felt gift is one of the nicest things he's ever done!  (And he's done a lot of nice things!)  I know bright turquoise and pink might not be a lot of people's style, but it's mine and I love it!

Thanks, babe!

*speaking of glitter - my dad thinks it's crazy that anyone over five years old would have a bunch of glitter.  If you're over five, do you still like glitter?  Please let me know and prove my dad wrong! ; )


Gina said...

Oh. My. GOSH!!! Holy cow!!! What a guy! My jaw literally dropped when I saw those photos. I love the turquoise and pink, for a jewelry making spot, at least! And who doesn't love glitter (besides your dad)? I try to incorporate it into all my art projects with my students, and not because they love it, but because I do! :)

Anonymous said...

love, love, love!!! your hubby is fab!

Rachel said...

Wow, that is amazing! Tony is such a great guy, you are lucky Heather!!

April said...

You have got such a great man!! But rest assured, he's one lucky guy too. You guys are too sweet...and perfect for each other!! What a wonderful wonderful GIFT!! And hello...glitter is pretty darn amazing. Who doesn't love a little added sparkle??!!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

awesome, awesome, awesome. and who doesn't love that color combo? and SERIOUSLY who doesn't love martha glitter? nice job, tony!

meg duerksen said...

he is a sweetheart. he really put himself out there for you!!! that is so cool!

JoAnn V. ( said...

You're a lucky girl! What a great hubby to do all that for you and support your passion and know exactly what you would like without saying!

Love the room! So cute!

Tara said...


best husband of the YEAR award goes to tony. what a sweet, thoughtful, absolutely heartfelt gift!

seriously, that is so cool. what a great guy.

Sparlo said...

Your friends all agree, you are so blessed to have such a great guy. My favorit thing is what he wrote on the white board (I'd frame it and get another white board.) Tony your awesom. gma
PS Gliter can make a trash can pretty

Ashley said...

That is the sweetest most thoughtful gift EVER! What a fabulous hubby. My hubby wouldn't dare because there is no way he could dig through the mess ;)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

That is SO cute & SO sweet of Tony! What an awesome husband! Love the color he picked out!

Wendy said...

Aww what a sweetheart.

Sorry to your dad for proving him wrong but I am 33 years old and I adore glitter and anything that sparkles!

Unknown said...

Heather, that is the sweetest gift ever! What a gesture of love! He did a really good job.
...and of course, I love the glitter too!
(btw, your print is in my shop whenever you're ready:)

SAM said...

I'm practically in tears reading about it! That is the sweetest gift, and I can't believe how much time and thought he put into it. And wow, how well does he know you and your style?! So not only are you super cute and crafty, your hubby is too! I love that you all found each other!

Sparlo said...

I just noticed that he even made an "H" with the push pins. "How cute is that." It shows that his heart and mind was on you the whole time. Very few people ever get to know such love. WOW, that makes me breathless.

Aurora said...

WOW...what a sweet guy! I don't think my hubby could find his way to the craft store...LOVE it!! And I'm with the others, who doesn't love glitter (especially the Martha Stewart kind!) :)


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